Some of the consortium schools regularly offer training and day courses that are designed for Teachers working bilingually with deaf children and young people in any setting. The current issues and developments are shared in workshops and training days.

What's on in the near future?

2010/11 has been declared the SiBi Year of Reading!
We are planning some workshops looking at a variety of themes...first thoughts are that we plan to cover

  • Phonics
  • BSL effects and translation issues
  • Interventions that work (and those that don't)
  • Assessments that help
Ruth Swanwick is planning to do a review of the literature and research on reading and aims to pull together some useful starting points for our action research.

Consortium dates for next year's workshops
Oct 20th 2010   to be held at Leeds University
Feb 9th 2011     to be held at Ear Foundation
May 20th 2011   to be held at Longwill School, Birmingham

Results of the learning and action research and review will be shared at the new annual SiBi conference to be held in the Autumn term 2011 (tba)

Curriculum Innovation
At Longwill School -    
We are planning to hold our next day according to demand!  Please contact Longwill school if you would be interested and we'll put on a day in the Autumn term 2010.

'Learning Tools for Teachers of the Deaf' day

Using 'Visual Phonics by Hand' by Babs Day
& 'Play Station Portables in your classroom' by Alison Carter
Learn to use these tools
and watch masterclasses in action 
at Longwill, Northfield, Birmingham B31 1LD

only £80 (inc lunch and a memory card of your learning!)

Latest Course Information

If you are a qualified teacher with QTS and wish to become a Teacher of the Deaf with a particular specialist Bilingual Deaf Education approach contact Dr Ruth Swanwick, course leader at Leeds University.

Dr Ruth Swanwick

MA Deaf Education International


Education is for everybody...Bilingual Deaf Education is for all Deaf children

'If you are a parent, teacher or Teacher Assistant supporting a deaf children in education and want to develop your knowledge and understanding, or want to make professional links and collaborate with others, then we can help you achieve that. We provide training programmes led by recognised experts in teaching and research of deaf education'