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About Us

Find out more about a Sign Bilingual Education and the philosophies and policies

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Learn about our values and vision, and how we can achieve it through a Sign Bilingual Education

about us

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about us

This website has been created by the steering group of the Sign-Bilingual Consortium.
We are a group of professionals working to promote and support bilingual deaf education in the UK.who believe in the use of British Sign Language and English equally to give the best to deaf children throughout their education and at all phases.

We work to support nurseries, schools, training and to provide information.
We hope that you will find some information that will be of interest to you, whatever your background or interest.

"The sign bilingual consortium is a group of professionals working to promote sign language and english equally in deaf education. we strongly believe this work in schools, and we feel we can support and promote events, courses and training."


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